Online Traffic and Speeding Ticket Payments in Louisiana

“What you will have wished you had known, before you paid that ticket.”

Paying your Louisiana traffic or speeding ticket online will certainly subject you to increased auto insurance rates on your car, truck or commercial vehicle policy.

Many Louisiana parishes and cities now offer online ticket payments for some citations and infractions. Do not be mistaken that this payment option will save you time or money. Whenever you pay your traffic ticket (online or not), you are pleading guilty to the ticket and the consequences inevitably will be higher auto insurance rates and points against your driver’s license at DMV.

Since 1991, clients have been hiring me to represent them in their Louisiana traffic ticket cases. I help them avoid auto insurance premium increases, missed work, and travel expenses since they don’t have to go to court themselves.

I represent clients to the court and obtain lower fines, court costs, and contempt fees in regards to their traffic or speeding ticket. My clients Louisiana traffic tickets are either DISMISSED, REDUCED to a NON MOVING VIOLATION or placed into a pretrial diversion program which will not appear on the client’s driver’s license record.

Attorney Paul Massa knows the local court rules and has appeared before the court for many other clients for over 20 years. This now allows him to represent you in the most effective matter, for the most advantageous results possible. His traffic ticket defense experience will benefit you for years to come.

Examples of Louisiana traffic tickets Paul defends:

CDL – Commercial Driver
Red Light
Stop Sign
• Failure to Yield
No Insurance
• HOV/Carpool Lane
CDL – Commercial Drivers
Cell Phone/Texting
Traffic Ticket Warrants
• Too Fast for Conditions
• Obstructing an Intersection
• Speeding in a School Zone
Suspended License Reinstatement

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It’s easy to start the Free Consultation process for your ticket:

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2. When I receive your information through my website form,  I email a message to you with an Offer of Legal Representation, how I can help you, and also an immediate FREE legal fee quote for your consideration.

3. If you accept my Legal Representation Offer, by paying the legal fee and sending me a copy of your traffic ticket, then I do all the work representing you before the court.  You will not need to appear in court.

4. When your ticket is successfully resolved, I will provide you with the final disposition, court paperwork, and any instructions to follow if there is a fine to pay the court to keep your ticket off your driving record.

It’s easy to retain the legal experience of Louisiana traffic ticket lawyer Paul Massa for your traffic ticket case.