Since 1991, Attorney Paul Massa has helped hundreds of clients have their Louisiana red light tickets dismissed or reduced to a nonmoving violation not appearing on their driving record.  

My legal practice focuses on traffic and speeding tickets, including red light tickets throughout Louisiana.  

Please fill out the FREE CONSULTATION FORM or call 504-975-6606 to start the simple process of retaining the legal experience of Louisiana traffic ticket lawyer Paul Massa for your red light ticket. I will provide to you an immediate FREE quote for your consideration. 

Reasons to hire Louisiana Traffic ticket lawyer Paul Massa

Failure to stop at a red light traffic ticket should not be taken lightly. They can ruin an otherwise good driving record and raise your car insurance rate for years. When ignored entirely, that can be grounds for an arrest during your next traffic stop; inconvenient and expensive to say the least.

I prevent these avoidable consequences by representing my clients red light tickets in Court to relieve them of these problems and the anxiety and aggravation that a day in traffic court can be. I defend persons accused of all types of traffic offenses, including red light tickets, from any state and in all courts in Louisiana.

My law practice is dedicated to defending people accused of traffic tickets, speeding tickets, hit and run investigations, DPS license suspension or revocation proceedings, and DWI's, driving while license suspended, CDL's occupational driver's licenses and other municipal and state traffic, car and semi-truck cases across the state of Louisiana. If you or a loved one has been issued a red light ticket, it is essential for you to have competent traffic ticket legal representation to protect your rights and your driving record.

In most traffic violation cases, there is no need for unnecessary meetings at my office or even the need for you to appear in court for your hearing. Simply use the free consultation form on this website to submit your Louisiana red light ticket information. I will send you an email with an offer to represent, if you accept the offer I do all the work and appear on your behalf. It's that simple. 

Questions? Please watch our short video on the easy process of submitting your red light ticket for a free case review.

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